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The future is female, and as we enter a new era of philanthropy in New Zealand women’s schools, we want Rangi to be at the forefront leading the way.

In 1889 the Gibson sisters established Rangi Ruru with the vision to provide the very best education for girls. The School is constantly striving to build on that vision, providing scholarship opportunities, delivering personalised learning programmes and providing the quality of buildings and facilities that match and support the exceptional education the girls receive.

With the majority of the school’s tuition fees directed towards staff and operational costs Rangi Ruru relies on the support of its community to help prepare for future generations and to ensure the Gibson Sisters’ vision continues to soar.

Pleasecontact usto discuss ways in which you can support Rangi Ruru. All support is gratefully received.


At Rangi Ruru we believe that a quality education is a gift for life. In 2018 we are asking for your support of our Stellar Music Scholarship, the Principal’s Koha Fund and the Mana Wahine Fund.

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We are enormously proud of our school, and we owe so much to the generous support of past and present students and their families. Every dollar donated to the school makes a genuine difference in continuing this legacy of excellence and opportunity for future girls.

We need your support; together we can achieve great things for our girls. There are so many different ways you can lend your support and invest in the future of your school. A list of Rangi Ruru’s current fundraising priorities are:

Bequests and Legacies

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

A gift in your will can be much larger than any cash gift you can make to the school in your lifetime and therefore of much greater influence in the difference it can make to the lives of Rangi girls.

Your gift can take the form of a percentage of an estate; a fixed financial amount; assets such as land, buildings, equipment, art or books; or a life insurance policy. It is our desire to raise awareness about the power a gift can have in transforming lives and we ask you to consider including Rangi Ruru when making or updating your will.

To learn more about leaving a gift in your will, download a copy of the Legacy Brochure. Alternatively, Click here to download and print a copy of our Planned Giving Form.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Advertising in school publications or supporting school activities through sponsorship provide other ways to help. Provision can be made for a business to enter into an advertising or sponsorship agreement with the school. If you are interested, please contact the Director of Community Relations.


Gifts in Kind

The school welcomes all gifts monetary or in kind. If you wish to gift assets, services, goods, time then please contact our Director of Development.

Time, Expertise and Energy

Time, expertise and energy is kindly given by members of our community. Many people invest their time to support, mentor, inspire and challenge our current students.

Donate now

Donate to Annual Appeal 2018, Project Blue Sky, Gibson Circle or general giving.

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Celebrating Giving

Thank you to the following people:

  • School Supporters/volunteers
  • Stellar supporters
  • Annual Appeal donors
  • Project Blue Sky donors
  • Gibson Circle members


Acknowledging gifts from the past

Leaving a gift in your Will is a powerful and lasting way to help us provide an education that supports the academic, sporting, cultural and creative endeavours of all Rangi girls. It is an opportunity to continue to support the school after you are gone or to support the school as you have always wanted to but been unable to in your lifetime.

Rangi Ruru recognises that many people have already thought of and are intending on leaving a gift to the school. We celebrate this generosity through a special group known as the Gibson Circle. We are incredibly grateful to all who recognise this and pledge their support in this manner.

The Gibson Circle

The Gibson Circle is a special group of people who intend to leave a gift in their will to the Rangi Ruru Foundation for the betterment of the School. Launching in March 2016, the group is hosted regularly by the School for special presentations, luncheons and to hear from interesting speakers. If you’d like to talk more about the Gibson Circle, please contact our Director of Community Relations,

“I believe we owe it to the Gibson sisters to ensure that their legacy continues so leaving a bequest to Rangi Ruru didn’t require a lot of thought – it means I can contribute to ensuring that the Rangi experience is available to more girls.”

Jane Sherriff – Alumnae 1981-85


The Rangi Ruru Foundation was established in 1995 with the aim of providing long-term financial independence for the school and supporting school projects and activities that cannot be met from school fees.

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