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Welcome to Rangi Ruru Girls' school

Hi and welcome, this page is to help you find your way to becoming a member of our vibrant school community.

Family is vitally important to us. We hope you join us online and in person to give your daughter opportunities both at Rangi Ruru and as an member of our influential Old Girl’s network.

Most families begin the process of considering Rangi Ruru by looking at our fees and the culture of the school. Culture can be tricky to gauge so we encourage you to book a personalised tour, to see our campus, our staff and our students interacting in fantastic modern facilities.

The next step is for you to come along and see us on our Open Day. Parents tell us this is a key element in their decision making process. Staff and students provide visitors like yourselves with experiences of classroom interaction and examples of extra curricular activity. If you miss open day don’t worry our enrolments team can give you a tour.

It is at this point most families enrol their daughter. This is a simple process and has a small fee associated with it.

Enrolment initiates the next step in the process, an opportunity to personally meet our Principal. We do this to answer any questions you may have, and for you to gain a sense of how we can best support your daughter. It also gives us an opportunity to welcome you to the Rangi Ruru family.

Senior Student leaders with Sandra Hasite, Principal

Fun with the Principal

Prospectus download

The process

Rangi Ruru new student flow chart

  1. Discovery.
    Where you find out about us by talking to your friends and investigating all your options.
  2. Visit
    Visit us online and download the Rangi Ruru prospectus.
  3. Open Day
    We hold this once a year. Visit us on Open Day as this provides an excellent opportunity to meet our teachers, students and see the entire school.
  4. Enrolment
    Fill in the Rangi Ruru online enrolment form and begin the formal part of joining our community
  5. Take a tour
    Book in to view our school and chat with some of our friendly staff and students. Tours take approximately 30 minutes. Book a Rangi Ruru Schooltour .
  6. Interview with the Principal
    Dr Hastie would love to meet with you. We can help arrange  suitable time so you have a chance to ask any questions and Dr Hastie can meet your daughter with you.
  7. After the interview with the principal a place at the school may be offered.
  8. Formal enrolment underway.
    This is the step where we ensure all our details match those for your daughter, setup fees payment and make sure everything is in order for a great first day.
  9. Optional Experience Rangi day
    At this point it is possible for your daughter to come and experience classes for part of a day.
  10. Welcome to the Rangi Ruru family

Parent comments:

“We work hard to pay the school fees – it is an investment in her future” – 72% of our familes have both parents working.

“Small class sizes means she will get noticed” – no more than 20 in a class in Years 7 & 8, and 24 from Years 9 – 13 – often less than this, especially in the senior years.

“A modern learning environment does not suit our daughter, we like that you have the best of both worlds at Rangi” – we have flexible learning spaces that encourage collaboration, but it is not forced on our students or teachers.

“Our daughter’s difference is respected, she doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else.” – through the learning centre, GATE, personalized learning, and personal development plans we acknowledge every girls individuality. We work to her strengths and through her challenges.

Personal learning plans

What makes Rangi Ruru stand out is that we put the person at the centre of a ‘personalised’ approach to learning. We do this by knowing and understanding each girl and focussing her learning needs to her individual interests, goals and abilities. We do this across all aspects of her learning, not just the academic focus but through her co-curricular activities as well.

Personalised learning

Pre-School on site

Rangi Ruru Pre-School is a small, family-oriented, community based education and care centre located in the attractive grounds of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School in Merivale, Christchurch. All teaching staff are fully qualified, registered teachers specialising in the care and education of boys & girls aged from 2 years to school entry.

As part of the Rangi Ruru Girls’ School community the children have numerous opportunities, resources and facilities available to them that other centres may not be able to provide. Use of the fully equipped gymnasium, library (with dedicated preschool area), art studios, music suites & the Merivale Lane Theatre, science suites, 3 D and digital media resources, large playing field and artificial turf areas are just a few of the resources that add depth and complexity to what we can offer each child during their learning journey.

Rangi Ruru Preschool site

Selwyn Bus Service

Rangi Ruru Subsidises a bus to and from Burnham each day

This service is to help students in the new housing areas to the west of the city get the best education they possibly can. The Bus will go back to the depot from Rangi and is able to drop off at Cathedral Grammar and Christ’s College as well and collect from there on the way to Rangi Ruru in the afternoon. Students do need to register to use this service.

Bus route and full details