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What makes us different
and why do we excel?

What makes Rangi Ruru stand out is that we put the person at the centre of a ‘personalised’ approach to learning. We do this by knowing and understanding each girl and focussing her learning needs to her individual interests, goals and abilities. We do this across all aspects of her learning, not just the academic focus but through her co-curricular activities as well.

This is evidenced by;

  • Tailored programmes of extension and enrichment to support the highly able.
  • The ability for girls to multi-level and access courses from outside of the school
  • Outstanding Music and Performing Arts opportunities and structures that support and enhance the learning of talented girls
  • Special programmes including HPL, SOAR (which supports elite athletes) and the Equestrian Programme.

Personalisation is made possible by our pastoral care structure which ensures that girls are provided with both academic and emotional support and guidance.

Personal Development Plans

Every girl at Rangi Ruru has a Personal Development Plan, known as a PDP, which is essential to our personalised approach.

Students and parents meet with Tutors early in the year to discuss a student’s strengths, areas which need development, commitments and goals, and to formulate a personal plan for each student for the year. The student documents her plan in her online portfolio and is encouraged to refect on her goals and modify her plan as necessary throughout the year. The tutor also monitors the student’s progress during the year. Because the PDP is recorded electronically, it is a living document which remains with the student for her time at school.

Parents are encouraged to be part of this process, to attend the PDP meeting and to have ongoing discussions with their daughters about their learning and school activities.