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Developing the Whole Girl

Our teaching and learning programmes are designed to extend girls’ thinking and help them make the most of the opportunities offered to them.

Learning happens everywhere at Rangi Ruru. Our teaching and learning programmes, both curricular and co-curricular, are designed to extend girls’ thinking and support them to develop the skills and attributes that will enable them to flourish in their future. We believe in developing the whole person while nourishing a growth mindset and empowering learners to take ownership of their learning.

Learning is personal, quality relationships matter; our small classes enable teachers to target the teaching and learning to ensure the active participation and involvement of all learners, to know their students extremely well, to monitor their progress and to provide a personalised response to learners’ needs and aspirations.

At Rangi Ruru we offer a true Year 7 to 13 experience, covering both the intermediate school years and high school years, making the transition seamless.

NCEA 2018 outstanding RESULTS

WE KNOW GIRLS and we know NCEA. Rangi students collectively gained 26 Scholarships including, 6 Outstanding Performance Scholarships.

Two Year 13 students have received top marks in the NZ scholarship results. Congratulations to Ruby Blake-Manson who scooped an outstanding scholar award, and gained three scholarships in English, Biology and Statistics. And also to Alyssa Robinson who was the top scholar in printmaking.

Two more Year 13 Rangi students were awarded scholarships from the Korean Scholarship Trust. Eugene In received scholarships for international academic achievements and excellence in music, while Yuna Chon was awarded for excellence in academics and music.


Strengths in Learning

  • Key competencies emphasized
    • Critical thinking
    • Managing self
    • Persistence
  • Incredible flexibility for course design
  • Entry requirements to universities with NCEA are well understood (NZ & overseas)
  • Nationally, a level playing field
  • Credits accumulate
  • Recognises levels of achievement that encourage best performance from students
  • Opportunities for high national recognition



We are Experts at Teaching Girls

Our most recent NCEA and University Entrance results from 2018 speak for themselves.

  • NCEA (Level1 Year 11) 99.1%
  • NCEA (Level2 Year 12) 100%
  • NCEA (Level3 Year 13) 97.3%

NCEA Merit and Endorsement

  • NCEA (Level1 Year 11)
    • Merit: 36.1%
    • Excellence: 62%
  • NCEA (Level2 Year 12)
    • Merit: 39.3%
    • Excellence: 49.5%
  • NCEA (Level3 Year 13)
    • Merit: 35.7%
    • Excellence: 37.8%
  • University Entrance 97.3%


Our Teaching & Learning Philosophy

Rangi Ruru follows the general framework of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC), which specifies eight learning areas: English, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology. The learning associated with each area is part of a broad, general education and lays a foundation for later specialisation.

Our Teaching and Learning Philosophy is focused on:

  • Putting students first.
  • Engaging with, and broadening students’ interests.
  • Recognising different levels of learning readiness.
  • Responding to different learning styles.
  • Listening to student voice.
  • Resourcing students to think about their learning.
  • Students learning how to learn.
  • Engaging students in reflection.
  • Empowering students to evaluate their learning and set their own goals for learning progression.
  • Encouraging shared learning.
  • Providing differentiated instruction and facilitation.
  • Recognising the importance of relationships in learning.
  • Accepting that the teacher and student are active partners in learning.
  • Learning is authentic and relevant.
  • Turn knowing into doing.
  • Students making ethical decisions.
  • Risking taking and learning from mistakes.
  • Celebrating endeavor

Our Curriculum

Rangi Ruru is Christchurch’s only girls’ school offering a true Year 7 to 13 experience, delivering a seamless curriculum by specialist teachers at all year levels.



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Student Care & Development

We are all about girls in the broadest sense. From what happens in the classroom to the design of our school campus; our programmes and culture are about creating an environment which supports girls’ development and learning.

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The focus at Rangi Ruru has always been on providing girls with the skills and attributes they need to be the very best they can be at whatever they choose to do, while encouraging them to be positive and contributing members of their communities. Girls are challenged to think creatively and critically and to take ownership for their learning. Through these experiences they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Global Living

Global Living is a unique and exible programme for all girls in Years 7 to 13 and is designed to meet the varied needs of the girls at each level.

The programme provides practical, social and life skills and helps develop knowledge to enable girls to contribute actively to their own wellbeing, while also coping with the changes they will inevitably face in their futures as global citizens, local community members and in their family lives.

The programme is based around the Rangi Values and the concepts of citizenship.

Groups and Activities

Groups and activities offer an opportunity to extend and enhance learning outside of the classroom, while getting to know other girls from across the school. Groups can be social or competitive and cater for the novice or expert.

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Student Exchange Programme

Every year a number of Rangi Ruru students decide that they would like to take up the challenge of learning more about a different culture in a way that is not possible in everyday classroom lessons. Often students who go on these exchanges are learning the culture and language of the exchange country as a subject at senior level.


The Rangi Ruru Equestrian Programme provides an unparalleled opportunity for girls who have an interest in horse riding and the equine industry.

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Sport at Rangi Ruru is as much about the team spirit and having fun as it is about the competition and challenge. We have a proud history of sporting success at local, regional and national levels for both teams and individuals, and across a very wide range of codes.

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Sport at Rangi Ruru Girls School - Private School in Christchurch
Music at Rangi Ruru Girls' School - Independent Girls Intermediate & High School in Christchurch


Music is an essential part of the Rangi Ruru experience. Opportunities are provided for girls to become involved in extensive curricular and co-curricular programmes.

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Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts (Drama and Dance) offers a huge variety of performance opportunities for girls of all ages. Both drama and dance form part of the curriculum for Years 7 to 9 and become options for Years 10 to 13.

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Theatre, Arts, Dance & Drama Programmes at Rangi Ruru Girls' School - Private Secondary School in Christchurch