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Frequently Asked Questions

As you go through the enrolment process you may have questions about the school. Below are questions that we are often asked by prospective parents, we trust they are helpful.

Why choose education at an independent girls’ school?

Being an independent girls’ school means Rangi Ruru tailors its curriculum to suit the needs of girls and we have the ability to offer students more flexibility around their subject choices. We attract and retain more high quality, committed teachers and have a commitment to maintaining classes with lower teacher to student ratios. Our teachers have fewer co-curricular demands on their time and are able to spend more time tutoring and supporting individual students.

Rangi staff are committed to identifying and supporting the individual needs of students and focusing on planning creative and interesting lessons. As a single sex school we are able to cater for the particular needs of girls. International research shows that single sex schools provide more freedom from career stereotypes, with students finding their life’s purpose according to their skills, interest and aptitude rather than their gender.

Rangi is not an exclusively female environment. We have both male and female teachers and the girls interact regularly with students from other schools in collaborative ventures, social events and sports.

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How will Rangi Ruru help future-proof my daughter’s learning?

An excellent academic programme is only part of the learning that will help your daughter achieve her dreams. We advise and support students to strive to release their potential in all they do.Having reviewed alternative programmes, and adopted any parts of programmes we felt would benefit our students, we have determined that the NCEA offers a quality, nationally and internationally robust qualification. We do, however, continue to monitor additional subject options and programmes against the future needs of our students and quality education research.

Rangi Ruru places a great deal of emphasis on girls having the opportunity to challenge themselves both inside and outside the classroom. The skill sets learnt through being members of a team, being successful and less successful, committing and persisting, challenging themselves and others, help girls develop attitudes and behaviours that will stand them in good stead for life.

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What is the role of parents at Rangi Ruru?

The school places great emphasis on strong partnerships between our students, parents, teachers and school management. Parental involvement in the girls’ education and in our school is very important to us.

The ‘Rangi family’ is a key aspect of the culture of our school. Parents are expected to support the school by supporting the school values, uniform guidelines and behaviour expectations; ensuring their daughter comes to school each day, on time and ready to learn; attends compulsory school events; and contacts the school on matters that may affect their daughter’s emotional or physical well-being.

Other involvement varies from parent to parent, from being representatives of the parent body on the Board of Governors or Parent Teacher Assocation, to involvement in fundraising and events, and attendance at school functions and events. Our community’s support of our school is essential for the ongoing development of our facilities and learning resources, and for maintaining our position as one of the highest achieving schools in New Zealand.

See Our Community for more information on school community groups.

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Where do I buy the uniform?

The school uniform is available from ‘The Shop’ located at 41 Hewitts Road, Merivale. Supplies of new and second-hand uniforms are available from The Shop.

Standards of presentation are important to us and to the school’s reputation. Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly and behave appropriately at all times when representing the school. Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 wear a slightly different uniform to distinguish them from younger students. All students are expected to wear school uniform.

Uniform items will be on display at the Day Girls’ New Entrant evening and also the new Boarders’ information afternoon and luncheon. We suggest you think ahead about what you will require and place your orders as soon as possible.

Click here for more information about The Shop including opening hours.

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If you have any further questions contact our Enrolments Manager, Anita Sawyers on +64 3 983 3726 or