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Boarding at Rangi Ruru

We provide a safe, secure and caring environment where students can focus on learning, discover new opportunities, and have fun at the same time.

Boarding at Rangi Ruru enables girls to pursue academic, sporting and cultural interests that are not always available at smaller or rural schools. Girls who live on the outskirts of Christchurch also find that boarding saves hours of travelling time.

Home to 138 girls, our Year 7 to 13 boarders come from many different areas of New Zealand and the world to form a tight-knit and unique community.

For all Year 7 and Year 9 boarding applications please ensure you have submitted your application two years prior to entry. Please contact our enrolments team for further details

Our caring and experienced staff

Our caring and experienced staff develop close relationships with the girls and are paramount to ensuring that all boarders benefit from the safe, secure and positive environment provided by the Rangi Ruru boarding house.

Boarders develop confidence, independence and leadership skills.

They also form very special friendships and through shared interests and experiences, girls learn a great deal about themselves and others.

Life As A Boarder

The staff at the boarding house offers support for girls to pursue their personal interests and organise many enjoyable activities throughout the year.

During weekends, boarders can take part in a range of activities including trips to the theatre, ski trips, adventure outings or regular competitive sporting pursuits. They also have access to the library, gymnasium, fitness centre, swimming pool and other school facilities.

There are a number of celebrations, themed evenings and boarding events throughout the school year allowing our boarding community to come together in unity and strengthen our positive house culture.

The House

Boarders in Years 7 to 10 share a four-bed room whilst Years 11 to 12 share a two-bed room. Year 13 girls will get an experience in a semi-flatting situation which provides a single room, shared kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities to prepare them for future independence.

Year groups have their own space sharing dormitories. Throughout the house are various wellbeing spaces, enabling and fostering relationships with other girls in the house.

The boarding house is connected to the wireless network which provides access to learning materials and school email accounts. For girls in Years 7 to 10, structured prep times are held within the house, supported by our prep tutors. Senior students have the option of completing prep in their rooms or with prep tutors.

School Facilities

School facilities are available to all boarders. These include: tennis courts, swimming pool, gym, fitness centre, art room, music practice rooms, library and computer rooms. These facilities are available by arrangement and are always supervised for younger boarders.

A History of BoardingĀ 

Boarding began at Rangi Ruru in 1896 in the original school on Webb Street. In 1923 the school moved to its present site on Hewitts Road and Te Koraha became home to boarders for the next 78 years.

Boarders live on site in a modern boarding house that has been purpose built to cater to the needs of girls.

With this strong history and experience in caring for girls, we are the right choice when it comes to the care of your daughter.


Meet our Boarding Team

Kyleigh Lyth, Director of boarding
Kyleigh Lyth

Director of Boarding

P: 03 983 3708

Nicky Barnett

Senior Manager

Nicki Pooley

House Manager - Junior Boarders; Technology Assistant; Uniform Shop

Jason Burrows

Catering Manager

Nick Stick


Sandra Creighton


Ursula van Herp


Dora Bons

House Keeping