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Student Leadership Team 2018

Emma Cushing

Head of School

Iris Lee

Head of Boarding

Isabella Carter

Head of Community

Holly Evans

Head of Culture

Ava Morrow

Head of Sport

Lucy Costelloe

Head of Sustainability

Emilie Aitken

Head of Wellbeing

Alyssa Robinson

Head of Clan Leaders, Head of Stirling

Jessica Miller

Head of Balmoral

Hilary Royds

Head of Balmoral

Leah Berquist

Head of Braemar

Lucy Simpson

Head of Braemar

Jane Boyle

Head of Doune

Annabelle McCulloch

Head of Doune

Jemima Bell

Head of Dunvegan

Prue Lange

Head of Dunvegan

Kate Boyd

Head of Glamis

Alice Newbold

Head of Glamis

Isabella Ullrich

Head of Stirling

Eugene In

Head of Service

Head of School: Emma Cushing

Senior Leaders

Head of Boarding: Iris Lee

Head of Community: Isabella Carter

Head of Culture: Holly Evans

Head of Service: Eugene In

Head of Sport: Ava Morrow

Head of Sustainability: Lucy Costelloe

Head of Wellbeing: Emilie Aitken


Clan Leaders

Head of Clan Leaders: Alyssa Robinson

Heads of Balmoral: Jessica Miller, Hilary Royds

Heads of Braemar: Leah Berquist, Lucy Simpson

Heads of Doune: Jane Boyle, Annabelle McCulloch

Heads of Dunvegan: Jemima Bell, Prue Lange

Heads of Glamis: Kate Boyd, Alice Newbold

Heads of Stirling: Alyssa Robinson, Isabella Ullrich