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Our People

At Rangi Ruru, we are very proud of the calibre of our staff.

Rangi Ruru employs more than 140 full and part-time staff, including teachers, administration, grounds and maintenance, catering and boarding staff.

Senior Management

Sandra Hastie Principal at Rangu Ruru School for Girls
Sandra Hastie


EdD, MEd (Admin)(Hons), BEd, Dip Tchg

Stephanie Barnett

Deputy Principal – Student Care and Development

B.A., (French/Sociology), Dip Tchg., Diplôme Formateur de Formateurs

Juliet Collins

Assistant Principal - Curriculum

M.F.A. (Hons), Dip.Tchg.

Melanie L’Eef

Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

B.A., Dip.Tchg.

Neil Templeton

Business Manager


Emma Taurua

Director of Community Relations

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Care & Development

Jane Dickie

Guidance Counsellor

M.Ed. (Dist.), Cert.Counselling

Kirstie McDonald


Dip Tchg, Licentiate of Theology

Hannah Clarkson

Dance teacher; Year 13 Dean

B.Ed., Dip.Tchg

Angela Lidstone

Mathematics; Year 12 Dean

BSc (Hons); Dip Tchg.

Janette Frier

Head of Accounting; Year 11 Dean

BCom; Dip Tchg

Erin Fitzpatrick

Leader of Faculty - English; Year 10 Dean

B.A., Dip.Tchg.

Kirsty Bell

Drama; Dance; Year 9 Dean

BA; PGDipSecTchg

Sally Fail

Year 7 & 8 Dean

Louise Stanton

International Dean; Head of ESOL

BFA; PGDipTchg

Leigh Allan

Head of Health Education, PE teacher

BPhEd, Dip Tchg


Michelle Enright

Learning Centre Literacy Teacher; Administrator ‘Special Exam Conditions’

BEd; Dip Special Teaching Needs

Rebecca Meachen

Head of Learning Centre


Kyleigh Lyth, Director of boarding
Kyleigh Lyth

Director of Boarding


Anita Sawyers

Enrolments Manager

Philipa Flutey

Enrolment Coordinator


Jo Fogarty

Director of Sport


Mandy Anderson
Mandy Anderson

Assistant Director of Sport

BPhysEd and M.PR&TM

Joe Piggot

Sport Coordinator, Head Year 7/8 Sport

Pippa Young

Director of Equestrian

M.Ed., B.A., TTC., Dip.Tchg.


Janet Kingsbury

Director of Music

B.Mus (Hons), LRSM, LTCL, ATCL, AIRMT, Dip.Tchg.

Henare Kaa

Music Teacher

BMus, GradDipTchg

Jeremy Thin

Music Teacher

Grad Dip Tchg, MA, Mus.B, ATCL

Theatre Arts

Peter Rutherford

Director of Theatre Arts


Kirsty Bell

Drama; Dance; Year 9 Dean

BA; PGDipSecTchg


Craig Bradley

Leader of Faculty - Mathematics

B.Sc., Dip.Tchg.

Carolyn Varley

Mathematics Teacher

MusB; BA(Hons)

Nadja Zeitheim

Mathematics Teacher



Erin Fitzpatrick

Leader of Faculty - English; Year 10 Dean

B.A., Dip.Tchg.

Kerry-Anne Murnane

English Teacher

BA; DipSecEd

Melanie Lindstrom

English Teacher

BA, GradDipTchLn (Sec), PGDipEd(Literacy) Distinction

Nura Gilpin

English Teacher

BA; Dip.Tchg.

Mark Cotham

English Teacher, Head of Rowing


Margy Gilpin

Leader of Faculty - Science

Ph.D.,B.Sc (Hons),Dip.Tchg.

Hilary Stubbs

Head of Chemistry

PhD, B.Sc. (Hons), Dip.Tchg.

Anne Bissland

Science Teacher

BSc DipTchg

Amanda Redmayne

Science Teacher

Carrie Hartel

Science Teacher

BSc; Dip Tchg

Simon van Rossen

Science Teacher

Linda Brettell

Science Teacher

Helene Edge

Science Technician

Cape Technician Certificate (Sth Africa)

Lorna van den Ende

B.Sc., Dip.Tchg.


Ross Widdup

Leader of Faculty - Technology; Head of Graphics

ATC., Dip.Tchg.

Pam Schreurs

Head of Food and Nutrition

TTC, Dip HomeEc

Emma Beech

Technology Teacher

BFA; Dip Art & Design; Grad Dip Tch & Lrn (Sec)

Esther Bryant-Lindsay

Head of Fashion, Fabric & Design


Jude Morgan

Head of Global Living, Head of Media Studies, Digital Technology Teacher

B.A. (Hons), G. Dip Arts, Dip.Tchg., Cert. TESOL

Social Science & Commerce

John Mills

Leader of Faculty - Social Sciences; Head of Economics

BA, BCom

Amy McKerchar

Head of Geography

BEd, GradDipTchg

Jenelle Hooson

Head of Wellbeing

B.A. (Hons) Dip.Tchg.

Sue Ogden

Head of Art History

B.A., Dip.Ed. (Melb)

Tania Secker

Head of Social Studies

MA; Grad. Dip Tch & Lrn

Jay Sloss

Philosophy Teacher

Fiona Paterson

Social Science Teacher


Tania Morgan

Leader of Languages Faculty, Director of Community Service, Te Kura and Telford STAR Coordinator, Exchange Coordinator, Teacher of Japanese and Spanish

BA, Dip.Tchg.

Jon Kimber

Head of French

BA Hons; PG Cert Educ

Global Living

Kirsty Bell

Drama; Dance; Year 9 Dean

BA; PGDipSecTchg

Connor Matthews

Maori Studies

Physical Education & Health

Deb Robertson

Leader of Physical Education & Health

B.Ph.Ed., M.Ph.Ed (Dist.), Dip.Tchg.

Helen Joblin

PE & Health Teacher

Dip.P.E., Dip.Tchg.

Sandy Matenga

Physical Education

Dip P.E., Dip.Tchg.

Visual Arts

Kate Rivers

Leader of Faculty - Visual Arts, Head of Junior Curriculum, Head of Printmaking, Director of Sustainability

B.F.A. (Hons), M.F.A., Dip.Tchg.

Libby Sheehy

Head of Painting and Photography

B.F.A., Dip.Tchg.

Anton Mogridge

Head of Design

B.Des., Dip.Tchg.

Jude Morgan

Head of Global Living, Head of Media Studies, Digital Technology Teacher

B.A. (Hons), G. Dip Arts, Dip.Tchg., Cert. TESOL

Sue Ogden

Head of Art History

B.A., Dip.Ed. (Melb)

Melissa Mcloud - Rangi Ruru Girls' School
Melissa Macleod

Photography Teacher, Junior Art Teacher

Events & Facilities

Eddie Cropley

Events & Venue Manager

Megan Crawley

Events & Venue Coordinator


Johnann Williams

Librarian, Library Manager, Archives Manager

B.A., Dip.ILS, T.Coll.Dip.

Alison Burt
Alison Burt

Assistant Librarian, Learning Centre Support Assistant


Administration & Support Staff

Angela Hirst


Barbara Smith

Reception Student Administration

Jude Connochie

Database Team

Pam Yaakoup

Attendance, Relief Co-ordinator

Pauline Clegg

Executive Assistant to the Principal

Dip.Tchg., TTC

Sue Smith

Assistant to the Business Manager

Theresa King


Tim Jones

IT Manager

Alison Macnee

Deputy Principal's Assistant