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The Rangi Family

Our community is a very important part of the framework that makes Rangi Ruru the successful and enduring school that you see today.

It takes a collective effort to nurture strong and independent individuals and our focus is on building a community of support and care across and beyond our school. We understand that the teenage years can be challenging, and we have a strong and extensive pastoral care support structure in place. The triangle of school, parents and daughter is an important one.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors was established in 1946 when a group of Churchmen purchased the school. Board appointments must be approved by the Christchurch Presbytery, but the Board is autonomous and decisions are taken in line with its policy and the school philosophy.

The Board include a nominee from the Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association and at least four current or past parents. The balance of the Board is made up of other volunteers from the wider school community. Board terms are generally for three years.

The Board functions through several committees and sets its committees every year to reflect the core business of the Board. Currently there are Finance and Audit, Engagement, Campus Development, Appointments Remunerations and Development, and Future Thinking and Education Committees.

Nicki Carter new Board of Governors Chair (appointed May 2018).
Nicki is a Barrister, Rangi Ruru Old Girl (1989) and was appointed to the Board in April 2016

Read About Our Board Members

Rangi Ruru Foundation

The Rangi Ruru Foundation was established in 1995 with the aim of providing long-term financial independence for the school and supporting school projects and activities that cannot be met from school fees.

The Foundation prudently manages monies raised by and for the school, and distributes a percentage of these funds for the maximum benefit of the school and its students.

The Foundation is a key supporter of some of the school’s special projects, including the Artist in Residence Programme, and works closely with the Board on the school’s “Project Blue Sky” development plan.

For information on giving to Rangi Ruru, visit the Support Us page.

Foundation Members

  • Stuart Nattrass (Chair)
  • Annabel Sheppard
  • Andrew O’Donoghue
  • Cathryn Lancaster
  • Phil Marshall-Lee
  • Georgina Hunter (Board Nominee)
  • Stephanie Marsden (Board Nominee)

If you would like more information or would like to support the School through the Foundation, contact Melanie Cropp, Financial Controller and Foundation Secretary on +64 3 983 3700 or


Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A group of dedicated and enthusiastic parents together with representatives of the Board, school staff and associated groups make up the Rangi Ruru PTA committee.

The PTA committee’s primary objective is to provide financial support, and social and parent education opportunities to the school community. As representatives of the parents, the PTA committee welcomes input, interest and support from other parents is grateful for ideas and help at major fundraisers and social gatherings throughout the year.

PTA members

President Claire Sparks
Vice President  Jane Connor
Treasurer Charlotte Bryden
DP Steph Barnett
Wish List Charlotte Bryden
Travel Fund Charlotte Bryden, Karen Kingsbury
Media Liaison Nic Yates
Board rep  Georgina Hunter
Staff rep Kerry-Anne Murnane
Principal Dr Sandra Hastie
Secondhand Uniform Amanda Boon
Committee Amanda Boon, Amanda Vale, Angie Partridge, Annabel Allison, Bob Muir, Bronwyn Williams, Chrystal Eaton-Perelini, Helen Rutter, Jason Gilberd, Julie Ball, Karen Kingsbury, Kathryn Palliser, Keela McBride, Kerry Anne Murnane (Staff Rep), Laura Hamilton, Lisa Giesen, Lyla Heaslip, Lynne Heywood, Mandy Martin, Maria Jimenez Garcia, Megan Wood, Nicci Wyllie, Sharon Leech

For further information on how you can get involved, contact Karen Kingsbury or  Charlotte Bryden.

Rangi Ruru Preschool


The Rangi Ruru Preschool is a small, community-based centre located on the grounds of the school. They specialise in the care and education of children aged 2-5 years. The Preschool serves the local community and families from wider Christchurch areas.

For more information on the Preschool visit or call 03 983 3757.

Click here to download the Preschool brochure

Parent Community

At Rangi Ruru we work closely with families to ensure that girls make the most of their talents and enjoy the opportunities that Rangi offers.

Parents receive regular communication through newsletters, written reports and face-to-face meetings. Parents are encouraged to contact individual members of staff to discuss any aspect of their daughter’s schooling or personal issues which may affect this.

We encourage parents to become involved in the school, to support school activities, events and other endeavours.

Rangi Ruru is a non-profit organisation. In order to offer the best education possible, the school is reliant on the support of others.

Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association (RROGA)

The Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association is very active and has a membership of almost 4,000 former students.

Members give generously of their time and mind and support the school through a Scholarship Fund, the donation of prizes, the organisation of the Leavers’ Ball, and with special celebrations such as the annual 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 years on reunions, the Annual General Meeting dinner/luncheon and opportunities for members to meet for fellowship and news of the school.

The association has branches in many parts of New Zealand and around the world, offering:

  • fellowship within the Rangi Ruru family past and present
  • the opportunity to renew and continue friendships
  • continuing contact with Rangi Ruru Girls’ School and news of the school
  • links with the branches throughout New Zealand and with kindred associations
  • avenues to continue support of Rangi Ruru now and in the future
  • an annual magazine – the RROGA Newsletter

Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association Committee 2020

Patron Helen Kitson (Robilliard)
President Felicity Williams (Walker)
Immediate Past President Joanna Dodgshun (Kitson)
Vice President Rebekah Thomas-Hiddleston, Cindi Crooks (Hunt)
Minute Secretary Janet McGiven
Honorary Accountant Zoe Goodwin
Honorary Solicitor Danita Ferriera
Board Representative Charlotte Gray (Bashford)
Committee Amanda Dick
Helen Tait
Elizabeth Wright (Sharpe)
Robyn Cartwright (Good)
Helen Dunn (Bonifant)
Abby Thomas-Hiddleston
Mandy Brazier (Dowling)
Step Withell
Administrator Victoria Tait

Membership of the RROGA

Membership of the Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association is open to all old girls of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, and to present and past members of staff who held appointment for two years or longer.

If you are interested in membership contact the RROGA Administrator on +64 3 983 3782 or