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We know girls.

By knowing our girls as well as we do at Rangi Ruru, we are able to effectively personalise their learning.

In fact, Personalised Learning is not a new idea at Rangi, it sits at the very centre of everything we do – we walk the talk.

Of course, we are all different, and diversity in our student community is what makes us the wonderful, colourful, fun and vibrant school we are. Girls come to Rangi with a range of abilities, interests and experiences so we put a huge amount of effort and focus on tailoring our learning programmes for each girl. This makes the difference as we support each girl to be the very best she can be – academically and as a human being.

“A quality education is a gift for life. Our promise to parents and their daughters is that at Rangi Ruru, our girls are inspired, challenged and empowered within a community that knows and cares for them. We don’t just say it, we do it.”
- Dr Sandra Hastie

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New Families

If you’re considering Rangi Ruru for your daughter here is the process for joining the Rangi Family:

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Our Promise

At Rangi Ruru we believe that a quality education is a gift for Life

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A Campus Like no Other

What better way to experience what Rangi Ruru has to offer than a personalised tour of the school for you and your daughter.

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Rangi Ruru has an extensive range of facilities available for hire by private and commercial groups and organisations.

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An investment in Rangi Ruru Girls’ School is an investment in helping young women realise their true potential. Rangi Girl’s leave the school as connected and curious citizens of the world, prepared to tackle life’s challenges, keen to take on anything and gracious in their stride.

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