What Rangi Ruru Offers International Students

In addition to the extensive range of classroom subjects and out of school activities offered to all students, Rangi Ruru offers the following additional support to international students:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Tuition
    ESOL help is available for all international students, on a one-to-one or small group basis. Students usually have two or more hours of English help a week, depending on individual needs
  • Personal Development Plans (PDPs)
    All students have a PDP interview in Term 1 to discuss goals for the year with their Tutor. Parents or Student Guardians are also invited to attend. Two follow-up interviews are held during the year and the school also issues two detailed reports annually.
  • Guidance and Support Services
    Rangi Ruru has a strong guidance network and help is available from tutors, year level Deans, Boarding House managers, Guidance Counsellor, and the Dean of International Students. The Dean of International Students is employed solely to work with international students and maintains close links with students, families, caregivers, guardians, deans, class teachers and Boarding House staff.
  • International Club
    Rangi Ruru has an International Club where students of all nationalities, including New Zealanders, meet and plan activities and outings throughout the year.
  • Orientation
    At the beginning of each year (or term, if appropriate) there is a special orientation programme for international students. All new students and either their parents or Student Guardians must come to this.

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