Development & Leadership

The Development and Leadership Team supports all students to be the best they can be.

Opportunities exist for students at all year levels to collaborate and lead, developing the essential life skills of self-confidence, resilience and servant leadership. Responsibilities are incremental and culminate in the awarding of the gold braid in Year 13 where each girl becomes a Senior Student.

Numerous programmes tailored to the needs of individual students are offered, including; the William Pike Challenge, the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award, Year Level camps, the Spirit of New Zealand, the Emerging Leader’s Conference and the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week. Such programmes help develop confidence, foster teamwork and develop skills to become leaders of the future.

A comprehensive, co-constructed Peer Support Programme enables Year 12 students to lead small groups of Year 9 students in activities focussed on cooperation, communication and culture. The programme allows Year 9 students to collaborate with their peers and fully integrate into the school community. Year 12 Peer Support Leaders learn group leadership skills alongside the importance of decision making and self-awareness.

Significant leadership roles are available to students in Year 13 and all students are encouraged to immerse themselves within the leadership of the school and local communities. The Student Leadership Team comprises eight Senior Leaders and twelve Clan Leaders, who receive ongoing mentoring in their roles. Senior Leaders focus on a wide variety of portfolios and chair councils formed of girls from Years 12 and 13. Clan Leaders work together to ensure all girls feel a sense of belonging to their clan. They lead their clan in a range of challenges from theatre sports to athletics, culminating in the fiercely competitive clan singing competition.