Our approach to wellbeing is unique.

Through our Student Care and Development Network we deliver services and programmes that ensure every girl is given the guidance, support and tools she needs to understand her place in the world and to succeed.

The Network comprises the Wellbeing Programme, Pastoral Care, Learning Support, Global Living Programme, and Development & Leadership teams.

In addition, the Network delivers the self development programmes that occur at each year level. Camps, workshops, speakers and other opportunities help support them in areas such as self-confidence, relationships, self-management, future planning and decision making.

Wellbeing Programme

The Rangi Ruru Wellbeing Programme is firmly rooted in established practices around positive psychology and growth mindset while being adapted to the special culture of the school. The Wellbeing Committee was established to build a dynamic, comprehensive Wellbeing Programme to ensure students and staff feel good and function well.

Wellbeing practices start at Year 7 and school-wide involvement means that wellbeing has become central to every aspect of school life both in and outside the classroom.

Wellbeing is also one of the pillars of the Global Living Programme and links strongly with the Rangi Values.

Pastoral Care

Members of the Pastoral Care Team each have very specific roles to play in the care and guidance of our girls. They work together to develop strong relationships with girls and their families to ensure health and wellbeing. Read more here.

Learning Support

Learning support is available for individuals, small groups and classes with assistance from the Learning Centre, GATE Coordinate and ESOL tutors. Read more here.

Development & Leadership

The Development & Leadership Team supports all students to be the best they can be by offering programmes and experiences that build self-confidence, resilience and servant leadership. Read more here.