The House – Te Whare Aroha O Rangi Ruru

In 2002 Rangi opened its purpose-built boarding facility, Te Whare Aroha o Rangi Ruru. The House provides excellent, modern facilities to take account of changes in lifestyle and community expectations.

Year 9 and 10 girls live in four-bed rooms whilst Year 11 and 12 girls share two-bed rooms. Year 13 girls enjoy single rooms in a semi-flatting situation to prepare them for future independence. Year 13 flats have six single bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities.

Year groups have their own space, dormitory areas and shared common rooms, enabling good interaction with their peers. There is a Year 7 to 10 common room and a large shared common room for Years 11 and 12. Year 13 girls have their own apartment lounges, and a Day Lounge has been developed for all the girls to enjoy.

School Facilities

School facilities are available to all boarders. These include: tennis courts, swimming pool, gym, fitness centre, art room, music practice rooms, library and computer rooms. These facilities are available by arrangement and are always supervised for younger boarders. View our Facilities Gallery.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is available during the swimming season. Girls swimming must be supervised by a Residential Assistant or qualified lifesaver. All girls are encouraged to obtain a lifesaving award during their first term at Rangi Ruru.

Piano and Musical Instruments

Pianos are available for music practice in the music practice rooms. The Boarding House also has five pianos available for all girls in the House.

Wifi for Boarders

Boarding students are welcome to use their own personal computer within the Boarding House. Internet access is available throughout the House.

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The Boarding House provides excellent modern facilities.
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