Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A group of dedicated and enthusiastic parents together with representatives of the Board, school staff and associated groups make up the Rangi Ruru PTA committee.

The PTA committee’s primary objective is to provide financial support, and social and parent education opportunities to the school community. As representatives of the parents, the PTA committee welcomes input, interest and support from other parents is grateful for ideas and help at major fundraisers and social gatherings throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about the PTA contact Amelia Davis on 03 983 3700 or email

PTA members

President Julie Calder
Vice President Jane Thomson
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Mike Gooby
Committee Sue Spiers, Raylene Gooby, Dave Evans, Fiona Greene,
Nicky O’Rourke, Jackie Cotter, Monique Malloch, Frances Barnham, Charlotte Bryden, Niki Newman, Sara Philip,
Pip Anderson, Geraldine Kilpatrick, Gillian Dunn, Tracey McCarron, Lynne McDonald, Christine Duxbury,
Karyn Helms, Jude Lange, Annette Fraser, Mary Smith
Board Representative Jo Blair
School Representative Stephanie Barnett
Staff Representative Amelia Davis