Policies and Expectations

As a community of 140 people living and working together, we need to agree and live by, a set of community standards and values.

The Boarding House supports and lives by the five core values of the school.

The R.A.N.G.I Five Core Values:


A belief in and commitment to these core values and the following of an agreed code of behaviour by the Rangi Ruru community, fosters a sense of personal worth and integrity both for the individual and across our whole community.

We demonstrate these values through the way we regard ourselves, our actions and in the way we relate to others. These principles and values are particularly important to our Boarding community where such a diversity of students live together.

We look after our boarders with every care and we expect them to comply with our rules which are made for the welfare of all. In addition to the Core Values, the Boarding House expects the girls to respect the rules of the school when onsite or identifiable as students of the school.

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