Pastoral Care

Members of the Pastoral Care Team each have very specific roles to play in the care and guidance of our girls.

They work together to develop strong relationships with girls and their families to ensure health and wellbeing. Along with Tutors, the Pastoral Care Team includes:

Year Level Deans

Year Level Deans work alongside the Tutors to ensure that all girls are happy, connected and progressing well. They also coordinate the special activities for the year level. The Year Level Dean, and many of the tutors, stay with the year group from Years 9 to 13. Years 7 and 8 have a Year Level Dean that oversees this level.


The school’s Chaplain supports and guides student input in the school assemblies and services and leads the family services throughout the year. The Chaplain takes responsibility for the Religious Studies part of the Global Living programme and is available to support the Rangi Ruru community in times of joy and sorrow, celebration and farewell.

Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor provides support to all girls, assisting with issues such as stress management, relationships and mental wellbeing. The Guidance Counsellor provides professional and confidential counselling services to girls and their parents and is bound by the New Zealand Association of Counsellors code of ethics.

Health Coordinator

The Health Coordinator manages programmes relating to personal health, physical development and relationships. The Health Coordinator teaches Health in Years 9 to 13 within the Global Living Programme and works with the Health Committee to promote health within the school. She also works with individuals and their families to ensure students with specific health concerns are well cared for during their time at school.

Dean of International Students

The Dean of International Students is responsible for the pastoral care of international students. Rangi Ruru observes and is bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education

Pathways & Careers Strategist

The Pathways & Careers Strategist supports students with future pathways, tertiary study selection and application process, and helps girls in identifying skills, interests and strengths which may lead to career choices. Assistance is provided through workshops as well as individual counselling. Students and their parents are encouraged to make an appointment.

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