SOAR Sports Programme

SOAR (Supporting Outstanding Athletes at Rangi) is a specialist sports programme for athletes who demonstrate exceptional talent, potential and determination to reach the top level in their sport or sports of choice. The majority of these athletes will be local or representatives in their discipline. They may compete as an individual or as a member of a sports team.

The SOAR Programme provides these students with additional support, information and guidance to help them achieve their goals. Through SOAR, the Rangi Ruru Sports Director and her team offer these students access to information, speakers and resources which help them to be the best performers they can be, inside and outside the classroom. This includes expert support in nutrition, exercise physiology, physical conditioning and managing their busy lives.

There are limited spaces in the programme each year and girls apply for a place at the beginning of the year with priority given to senior students.

If you have any queries relating to the programme, contact Jo Fogarty, Director of Sport at