Learning at Rangi Ruru

Learning happens everywhere at Rangi Ruru. Our teaching and learning programmes, both curricular and co-curricular, are designed to extend girls’ thinking and support them to develop the skills and attributes that will equip them for life.

Learning is personal; our small classes enable teachers to target the teaching and learning to ensure the active participation and involvement of all learners, to know their students extremely well, to monitor their progress and to provide differentiated approaches to meet learners’ needs. Opportunities exist for students to multi-level when choosing subjects.

At Rangi Ruru we promote a blended learning environment, where lessons facilitated by teachers are supported by the integration of technologies, where students are encouraged to bring and use their own devices at school. Internet-connected devices are a powerful tool. They engage learners to make connections, overcome barriers of time and distance, facilitate shared learning communities and open up new and different ways of learning. These, coupled with the school’s own technologies; provide a strong technological framework to enrich learning.

Teachers and students use a number of excellent tools to support learning. Onenote, a digital ring binder, is used extensively to promote interactive and collaborative learning and is a storehouse for a wide range of learning resources. Students can access these any time they chose and their teachers maximise Onenote to provide personalised feedback to their students.


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