For New Zealand Students

2015 Annual Fees
Tuition Fees $18,963 (GST inclusive)
Boarding Fees $10,710 (GST inclusive)
2016 Annual Fees
Years 7 and 8 Tuition Fees $17,250 (GST inclusive). This enrolment fee is fixed for that student for their time in Year 7 and 8.
Years 9 to 13 Tuition Fees set in November 2015
Boarding Fees set in November 2015

A further $500 uniform voucher will be offered for Year 7 or 8 enrolments for 2016 that are confirmed by 31 August 2015.

For further information on fees contact our Community Relations Coordinator on +64 3 983 3744 or enrolments@rangiruru.school.nz. For New Zealand citizens, school and boarding fees are invoiced in ten equal instalments in January to October.

A fee discount is offered to parents who wish to pay the full year’s tuition fees in advance by 20 February (discount applies for cash, cheque or electronic transfer only).

Sibling discount: A fee discount of $1,500 per annum is offered for your third daughter enrolled and a further discount of $1,500 per annum for any subsequent daughter.  This discount applies only while three or more daughters are concurrently attending Rangi Ruru.

For International Students

2015 Annual Fees
Tuition Fees $24,000 (GST inclusive)
Boarding Fees $10,710 (GST inclusive)
2016 Annual Fees
Tuition Fees $25,750 (GST inclusive)
Boarding Fees set in August 2015

Discounted rates are being offered for some international students for entry in 2015/16. See below for details

Students entering in 2015/16 at either Year 9 or 10, and who board at school for the first two years of their enrolment with us, will be charged New Zealand Resident tuition fees. This is a considerable reduction in fees. Fees will revert to the standard international rate after their first two years of enrolment for the remainder of their time at Rangi Ruru. They will pay the same boarding fees as domestic students.

The full year’s tuition fee for international students is payable in full one year in advance as part of the New Zealand Government’s Student Visa requirement.

International fees are higher than New Zealand nationals (residents) as international students are not eligible for the government contribution toward their education and there are additional compliance requirements in hosting international students such as additional pastoral care services.

Click here for more information for becoming an international student at Rangi.