The Rangi Ruru Equestrian Programme provides an unparalleled opportunity for girls who have an interest in horse riding and the equine industry.

Rangi Ruru is the only girls’ school in the South Island with a dedicated programme that combines equine studies with riding ambitions.

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To learn about this unique programme contact Pippa Young, Director of Equestrian on +64 3 983 3725 or p.young@rangiruru.school.nz.

About the Programme

This comprehensive programme provides riders with access to their horses during the regular school programme as well as expert training to develop their riding skills and participate in top level competition.  Our extensive network and experience working with leading trainers and administrators means that we are able to provide girls with access to unmatched opportunities.

Our agistment programme means that receiving an excellent education should not be compromised by your horse’s location as it can now come with you.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Agistment and transportation
    Through our network of experienced horse care providers we will make agistment arrangements for girls who wish to bring their horse with them to Christchurch. Transportation to and from their horse will be organised as part of this arrangement. This will enable girls to ride during the regular school programme rather than just at the weekend or school holidays as would often be the case for young riders (particularly boarders).
  • Competition
    Girls will be provided with the opportunity to compete at the highest level in disciplines such as polo, dressage, showjumping, eventing, endurance, mounted games, western and carriage driving. We will tailor training programmes to the individual needs of girls to ensure they are able to compete to their full potential.
  • Equine studies
    There is a broad selection of courses available to senior students (Years 11 to 13) with NCEA unit standards. Equine studies will form part of the level 1-3 certificate alongside our traditional subjects ensuring an all-round education.These courses will appeal to girls wishing to pursue an interest in the equine industry or agriculture and animals more generally (ie veterinary science, breeding, competition, or vet nursing). Opportunities include short and long term courses as well and practical experience and will be personalised to each girl as part of their development plan.
  • Learn to Ride
    A Learn to Ride programme has been introduced with an established provider for those girls who don’t own a horse but are interested in learning to ride. This unique opportunity will be available to girls during the weekly school programme as well as at weekends for girls who wish to receive more intensive training.
  • Master classes and mentoring
    Visiting experts including internationally renowned coaches, riders and horse owners will deliver a schedule of master classes that will include practical support and advice to help girls become better riders and competitors.
  • Rider development
    Weekly training sessions together with weekend and holiday programmes will provide riders with the very best opportunities to develop their riding skills. They will benefit from access to some of the country’s most experienced coaches that will develop individual riding programmes or work with established training plans. Riders will also be able to expand their interest to multi-discipline riding. Girls will have access to the South Island’s best riding facilities to ensure their safety and that of their horse.
  • Tutoring for judging, event management and equestrian administration
    There is high demand within New Zealand for well trained judges and administrators. Responding to this need, we provide expert training for girls interested in learning to judge or develop their skills. They will also be schooled  in event management and other aspects of equestrian administration to ensure they have a rounded understanding of the industry.
  • Tertiary opportunities (New Zealand and overseas)
    This programme provides girls with a unique advantage when pursuing a career in the equine industry whether through university, polytechnic or work experience placements, both nationally and internationally.

Our Recent Successes

  • Winners of Canterbury Interschools Show Jumping Competition, 2016
  • Winners of the Canterbury Secondary Schools Dressage Competition, including individual honours for riders, 2012 and 2013
  • Winners of the A Grade section at the International SUPA (Schools and Universities Polo Association) Competition, including Most Valuable Player, 2012
  • A large number of individual successes at local and national events including Horse of the Year.

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