Enrichment and Extension

Community Service

Rangi Ruru girls foster and demonstrate a strong sense of community spirit. This is reflected through our relationships with each other within the school and our relationship with our wider school community.

All students, from Years 7 to 13, take part in community service activities and fundraising activities throughout the year. The school encourages girls to realise their role in the wider community (local, regional, national and global) and that what they can make a difference to others. The girls raise money through events and church collections for their selected charities and causes throughout the year.

Outdoor Education

Through an extensive outdoor education programme, Rangi girls learn new skills and test themselves in a safe and secure environment. The girls, for example, have the opportunity to experience abseiling, rock climbing, camping out, river crossing and a wide range of other challenges. Beneficial for the full personal development of students, this instruction takes place under the strict guidance of trained instructors in a safe and controlled environment.

Formal camps are held in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Year 11 girls attend an optional two-week course at Outward Bound. At the end of Term 3, Year 12 girls hone their teamwork skills and prepare for their roles as Year 13 school leaders at camp in Hanmer Springs.


Every year a number of Rangi Ruru students decide that they would like to take up the challenge of learning more about a different culture in a way that is not possible in everyday classroom lessons. Often,  students who go on these exchanges are learning the culture and language of the exchange country as a subject at senior level.

Rangi Ruru has set up several reciprocal exchanges. These are proving very popular and are with other independent schools similar to ours.

Reciprocal Exchanges

  • Yokohama Jogakuin, Japan (sister school)
  • King Edward VI School for Girls, England, UK
  • Annie Wright School, Seattle, USA
  • Pestalozzi School, Argentina
  • Unison World School, India
  • Tahiti exchange