Rangi Ruru is Christchurch’s only girls’ school offering a true Year 7 to 13 experience, delivering a seamless curriculum by specialist teachers at all year levels.

Learning in schools today is now more student-centred and personally focused, and that requires additional individual attention and support from the teacher. To ensure true personalisation, our class sizes are limited so that each girl receives support with her learning.

Following the general framework of the New Zealand Curriculum, we prepare our students for NCEA (the National Certificate of Educational Achievement) which is a globally recognised qualification. We also encourage students to compete for the New Zealand Scholarship Awards. Specific information relating to the curriculum and subject options at each year level is available in the Curriculum Handbook.

Starting at Year 7

Starting your daughter at Rangi Ruru in Year 7 will ensure that she is future-ready, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be a powerful learner.

The stability of remaining in the same school from Year 7 through to Year 13 means no extra adjustment period at Year 9. Girls are challenged to be resilient and responsible in preparation for transition into the secondary school.

At Rangi Ruru all girls are supported with specific programmes for their age and development, complemented by our new school-wide wellbeing initiative, which in Year 8 includes mindfulness and learning ways to deal with the pace and stress of our busy lives.

From Year 7, girls will have an intensive focus on Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health and Digital Technology. Modules in Art, Music, Technology, Performing Arts, and Languages will give exposure to a wide range of areas of interest and enable deep learning to occur. Girls are also involved in investigative challenges, where they will explore real world problems.

Starting at Year 9

We offer more than 36 subject options across different learning areas in Years 9 to 13. This breadth is important before they begin to specialise and pursue in their senior years those subjects they are passionate about or in which they have a particular ability. This provides them with flexible pathways that will support further study and careers. A language is compulsory at Year 9.

Girls in Years 11 to 13 complete NCEA Levels 1 to 3 and their focus is personalised to suit their level of study. This may include study at multiple levels, acceleration, a specifically tailored course or learning support.

Global Living

Global Living is a unique and flexible programme for all girls in Years 7 to 13 and is designed to meet the varied needs of the girls at each level.

The programme provides practical, social and life skills and helps develop knowledge to enable girls to contribute actively to their own wellbeing, while also coping with the changes they will inevitably face in their futures as global citizens, local community members and in their family lives.

The programme is based around the Rangi values and the concepts of citizenship.


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