Boarding at Rangi Ruru

Rangi Ruru is a boarding school you can trust.

You can trust us not only with your daughters’ education but with her safety and well-being. We are a school with a proud history of boarding and since the 1890s this has been core to what we do. Because of this experience you can be assured that Rangi Ruru will provide you with a boarding experience that stays with you long after you leave us.

Going to a boarding school is a special experience and living in a boarding school community leads to learning that is every bit as valuable as the education you get in a classroom. Our boarders come from many different areas of New Zealand and the world, yet they find a home in our Boarding House, forming a tight-knit community.

Boarding at Rangi Ruru is the right choice

Boarding at Rangi Ruru enables girls to pursue academic, sporting and cultural interests that are not always available at smaller or rural schools.  We provide a safe, secure and caring environment where students can focus on learning, discover and explore new opportunities, and have fun while they’re doing it!

Short term or ‘flexi-boarding’ for day girls is also a popular option for families.

The House is on-site within the attractive school grounds which means that girls also have access to facilities such as the library, swimming pool and fitness centre.

Every girl who boards with us has a unique experience, but all leave us with:

  • Confidence in herself and her abilities
  • Good self-image and an awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • A love of learning
  • An understanding of other cultures and viewpoints and a consideration towards the needs of others
  • Good work habits and the ability to work in a team and to set her own goals
  • A strong sense of community values
  • Social skills and etiquette to get by in any situation
  • Leadership skills
  • Lifelong friendships.

Experience Boarding at Rangi Ruru

If boarding is something you are considering, then come and spend a few days with us – meet our girls and staff and get a feel for the Rangi boarding experience. For further information or to make a time to visit us contact us on +64 3 983 3700 or

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